Live in the Lab - Daily Drop In Programs

July 1st - September 5th, 2022 - Daily from 2:00pm - 4:00pm 

Drop-in Programs at the TerraLab.

Cost included with regular price of museum admission.

Mining has shaped human history and our planet. But how do we balance our need for resources with the need to look after the earth? This exhibit endeavours to challenge our minds to ask important questions while teaching us the past, present and future of mining.

The Chemistry of Cleanup

Sunday to Wednesday, 2pm to 4pm

Examine and replicate the process of the water treatment plant. Leave with an understanding of the importance of a putting a proactive cleanup plan in place, before mining or industrial work begins.


Mini Mud Monsters

Thursday to Saturday, 2pm to 4pm

These animals may be tiny, but they can tell us a surprising amount about the health of their ecosystems.