Copper and Fire 2018: Hazel Cruse - Copper Jewellery

Copper and Fire: 2018

This will be Hazel Cruse's first year at our 14th annual Copper and Fire event. She combines textures, shapes, shiny, rough, ancient, organic and sometimes not perfect to create pieces that are "perfection in imperfections". With each piece, her goal is to develop something that looks and feels balanced and complete. Ideally, the piece will tell two stories, one of history and one of creation.  

"My mind has been opened to experience this complex richness everywhere I look"

Personal adornment and beautification is part of human history. Every symbol, color, technique, and style tell us more about the person wearing it. Where did they come from, what is important to them and what makes them "tick". Jewellery is timeless in this sense and stretches back to the beginning of pre-historic times. Each piece tells a story of protection, status, and wealth. Every color choice has significance from displays of love, passion, power or strength. Very few of these choices go without deep introspective thought into their individual meaning. Hazel appreciates creating the pieces but also learning about the historical significance of the smallest details. 

She chooses materials that are both durable and overall aesthetic to create art that is "simple and pretty; that you will want to ear without having to think too hard". Each piece is custom made with Hazel's unique style and materials, although she is known to use some commercially designed pieces when it fits the piece. Her goal is to create long-lasting jewellery while maintaining originality in her work. It is always a fine balance. 

You can meet Hazel and view, purchase and/or watch her demonstrate at Copper & Fire on Saturday, September 15th from 10:00AM – 3:00PM. Click here for more information.

Hazel Cruse's Biography

With her background in fashion retail, travel, and people that she has befriended and collaborated with over the years, Hazel has been given insights, inspiration, and introduction into several techniques, materials, and styles. 

Hazel's passion began with a love of South Coast jewellery, as well as North Coast carvings and engraved silver. She takes further inspiration from ancient Tibertan Turquoise and coral adornment pieces. These inspirations lead to the creation of her wonderful and rich pieces.

When the opportunity arises, she will take any chance to collaborate with friends from New Mexico to the Yukon and as far away as Greenland.