Monthly Magnifier

Monthly Magnifier

The Monthly Magnifier

Calling all Science Detectives!

The Museum would like to invite all of our young science detectives to join us for our Monthly Magnifier. We have introduced a range of new educational programs, aimed at helping homeschooling parents and children with subjects that are often unfamiliar or challenging to teach. We are hoping to enhance the educational experience of families while they are touring the Museum. Each month, a self-guided  program will encourage patrons and members to visit and learn a few extra STEAM based facts along the way, or discover how Britannia’s past and present can let us reflect on changing societal attitudes or explore curricular competencies such as cause and consequence.

Museum Members will be able to enjoy a new topic each month. Click here for details of the Museum's Membership program. 

Monthly Magnifier topics will change from month to month, with each theme accompanied by a sheet of educational material consistent with the BC science curriculum. As developed, the educational materials will be available for download from the table below for families to review prior to visiting the Museum.

October follows the Big Idea in the Grade 5 science curriculum: Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources. Earth Materials will run until the end of October.

In November we will be publishing new resources focused on chemistry and solutions. From in the kitchen to in the lab, mixtures surround us, but what are they? Learn about mixtures, and one type of mixture – solutions – as you explore the Museum, locating mixtures along the way that are both familiar and strange. November materials will support the Grade 5 Science Big Idea: Solutions are homogeneous.

Although this program is targeted at grades three to seven, it may be of interest to older kids and adults as well.

New materials will be available for download each month.

Earth Materials


Chemistry: Solutions


Social Studies


Natural Resources 




Applied Design


Materials & Mixtures




Force & Motion




Also in Seasonal Offerings

Heritage Week
Heritage Week

February 15- 21st

Celebrate the history of British Columbia at Britannia Mine Museum, a beautifully-preserved National Historic Site on the shores of Howe Sound.



Delve into Geoscience. Engage your curiosity with activities that will open your world to the science of rocks, minerals, tectonic plates, volcanoes, and fossils.

Family Fun Day
Family Fun Day


Come and celebrate BC Mining Month at the Britannia Mine Museum. Featuring temporary mineral exhibits, interactive 3D visual mining technology, photo booth, drilling demos and much more. More details will be coming soon!