Spring Break

Spring Break

-Spring Break 2021-

March 13 to April 1st

Join us at Britannia Mine Museum for safe, family-focused fun. All of our usual exhibits will be open, including gold panning, the Underground and Boom! Included in your admissions will be daily short, interpreter-led Live in the Lab sessions, as well as a self-guided craft activity where participants design their own zip line!

Live in the Lab - Mini Mud Monsters!

All kinds of strange creatures hide in the depths of our freshwater ecosystems. Using the power of magnification, an Interpreter will introduce you to some of the miniature mud monsters that live at the bottoms of creeks, rivers, and wetlands. These animals may be tiny, but they can tell us surprising amount about the health of their environments. After the program, kids will be given a take-home craft kit to make their own mini mud monster!

Machine Shop – Designed to Fly!

There are many ways rock is moved around a mine site. Today, haul trucks, trains, and conveyors do most of this work, but at one time Aerial Tramways were the stars of the show. Tramways are like ski lifts for rocks. Similar, but simpler to build, are zip-lines.

This spring break, we invite you to come down to the Museum Machine Shop to design and test a rock carrier for a zip-line. Can you deliver a package of rocks from one side of our Shop to the other along one of our zip-lines? This is a great activity for getting creative juices flowing as well as working to predict, test and evaluate ideas.

COVID-safe design kits will be available for each participant to work with.


Date: March 13 to April 1st
Mini Mud Monsters -
The Terra Lab, 11:00 am and 1:45 pm
Designed to Fly -
Machine Shop: Self Guided, throughout the day.
Included with Museum Admission

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Membership Month
Membership Month

March 2021
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Members Mornings
Members Mornings

April - September

From April to September, the Museum will be open exclusively to members from 9 am to 10:30 am on the second Saturday of every month.

Easter 2021
Easter 2021

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Coppersaurus Roxy needs your help getting home! Join us for a scavenger hunt this Easter, and go home with a candy-free treat!