Exhibits & Site Activities

At the Museum

What To See and Do

The Museum site itself is an exhibit - from historical machinery to heritage buildings, there is plenty to see and do. From mucking machines, to ore carts and our working Lime Tank, come explore some of the equipment that once made Britannia great. We also house permanent exhibits that offer an insight into the social history of the Britannia Mines and mining history of BC. Our 1908 Machine Shop is also home to a number of historic pieces of equipment, from our restored ambulance car, to the man car that squeezed sixteen miners into a space about the size of a small family car.

Underground Tour

Take a trip similar to miners in 1914. Climb aboard our mine train and chug into this early haulage tunnel. Inside, tour guides describe early mining efforts with actual working drills and a mucking machine. Prepare for cooler (12 degrees) temperatures inside. Consider a sweater.

Gold Panning Pavilion

Make a point of panning for gold. You find it, you keep it! Everyone can take part. Gold-panning troughs are set at different heights. That way, both young and old, can dip in and try their luck. This is gold panning the fun and easy way. We even heat the water for you.

Family Play Area

Family fun is a high priority with us, so youngsters can enjoy a break in our giant sand pit or take the helm of our playground boat. The area is right beside the snack bar with washrooms nearby.

Minerals & Society in the Beaty Lundin Visitor Centre

Step in and explore our many hands-on exhibits. Especially designed for youngsters, there's our Kids Playce display. Be sure to catch Groundbreaking, our award-winning film that traces Britannia's mining heritage and its successful environmental clean-up. Visit our Mineral Gallery. Gaze over displays of gold and fluorescent minerals. With our touchscreen interactives, you'll gain a new perspective of what mining means to our everyday lives. Add to that by getting to know the personalities behind Canadian mining in our Mining Hall of Fame. They explored underground yet their efforts went above-and-beyond. Learn much with one touch.

Mill 3

It's this impressive building that's responsible for us being declared a National Historic site. A landmark on the Sea-to-Sky Highway, it was once considered the heartbeat of the Britannia community. Here, ore was processed. So come in and look up. Visitors never fail to be wowed by the cathedral-like industrial interior.

Britannia A to Z Historical Exhibits

Within the walls of this lovingly-restored heritage building, you'll grasp what life was like here. It's full of amazing stories and archive photos. The community was isolated, yet families were active and innovative. Learn about the annual Copper Queen pageant. The original throne is still here. Take a seat for a great photo-op. Children are welcome to crawl into our kid-friendly tunnel.

1908 Machine Shop

Pulling copper out of a mountain took its toll on tools and equipment. Stop in to see how hard work turned out those tools. Now, the Machine Shop's been transformed. It frequently houses temporary art and historic exhibits not to mention our larger industrial artefacts.

Heritage Site

Ten acres big. Seventeen industrial and residential buildings. Together with specially-designed interpretive panels and friendly, knowledgeable tour guides. It all makes for a memorable visiting experience and a better understanding of what life was like here. So come and visit. See where history was made.