At the Museum

If you are interested in researching the Museum archives, please note that the majority of Britannia's archives are held at the BC Archives.  And in the UBC Special Collections, listed under the Howe Sound Company. Much useful information on the Mine can also be found in the Ministry of Mines historical Annual Reports.

If you would like to access our Collection for research purposes please contact our Curator of Education and Collections on 1-800-896-4044 ext. 255. If we can't answer the question, we will try and put you in touch with someone who can.

Research Fee

All prices are subject to change without notice.

The Museum does not have full time researchers on staff. Our ability to conduct research or a photograph search will be assessed with each request. Simple information requests that do not involve more than 15 minutes of staff time to complete will be done free of charge. 

In some cases of research, an initial in-person or phone consultation with Museum staff or volunteers is needed. The first consultation will be of no charge, with follow up consulting being charged at the stated hourly rate.

The rate is $50.00 per hour (or part of hour) for Museum staff time. This is to locate photographs or archival material pertaining to your request. This can be negotiated in special cases.

Prior to the Museum agreeing to have its staff conduct research, an assessment as to our ability to do so will be made. Also, we make no guarantee that we will find the information being requested. Response to the request will usually be within two weeks, unless otherwise indicated. The research request must be very clear and we can only accommodate specific questions that are in writing.

If an archive, photo or map request can be filled relatively easily by Museum staff, only the fee for reproduction will be charged, otherwise time ($50.00 per hour) will be charged in addition to the per photo charge. In some cases this can be negotiated.

It may be possible for a researcher to conduct their own photo or archive search using the available finding aids. If feasible, there is a one time $80.00 fee and MUST be done by prior appointment. 

If a staff person is to conduct the photo search, a flat rate of $50.00 per hour or portion of hour will be charged. Staff will advise if they can easily locate the requested photo or if the fee is to be charged.

Digital Photos and Images

The Museum does have the bulk of its photographs digitized. These digital records are used as finding aids and are not of a high resolution but for many purposes, they are just fine. The $50.00 per hour research fee will apply if staff must conduct a photo search that takes longer than 15 minutes.

In the case of scanning a higher quality digital image that is not already available, the $50.00 per hour (or part thereof) research fee will apply if the time to process takes more than 15 minutes of staff time. This fee covers the time to locate, digitize and process the requested images. Usually 5-10 images can be done in one hour. The images will be scanned to your size and resolution requirements (within reasonable requests). Any requests for alternative methods of reproduction may be dealt with for a surcharge. Please contact us to discuss further if necessary.

Scanned images will be sent via email, for no additional handling fee. If burnt to CD/DVD a handling fee of $15.00 will also apply, even with those requests where the $50.00 per hour research fee is charged. If sent by mail, please add postage/courier costs.

Publication Fee

There is a publication/video fee per image used from the BMM archival collection. The table below outlines the fees. This fee is a one-time use only. All BMM property and materials are copyrighted for the Museum's use. Fees are normally waived for non-commercial education requests, so please contact us to discuss your education project. Any other public use for profit must be discussed with the Museum's Board of Directors.


Canada/US Source

Worldwide Source

Standard print and electronic publication (e.g. books, periodicals, websites, posters, DVDs)

$50 per item

$75 per item

Book jackets, cover illustrations

$100 per item

$150 per item

Broadcast of still images - TV/satellite/cable (except feature films and ads)

$150 per item

$200 per item

Broadcast of still image - feature films and ads



Broadcast of video footage - TV/satellite/cable (except feature films and ads)

$100 per minute

$150 per minute

Broadcast of video archive - feature films and ads.



Use of any image requires that credit be given to the Britannia Mine Museum Society. For all send-out services; please contact us to discuss your needs. The fee will be dependent on staff time, postage/courier costs and reproduction costs.

Other Fees

$0.50 + GST will be charged per photocopy. For courier charges, please contact us for a quote.


No original materials are allowed to leave the museum. There will be no relaxing of this policy for any reason, unless another accredited Canadian Archives is involved.


Payment can be made by cash, Debit, Visa or MC. For larger orders, invoicing can be arranged.