Rock and Mineral Inquiry Box

Can’t bring your class to the museum? Book a Mineral and Rock Inquiry Box for your class, and have fun as you engage and learn the subject of earth materials!


The kit helps students explore the following questions, and supports the Grade 5 science big idea of Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources.

What are Earth Materials? Focusing on rock and sediment, including exploring the concept of consolidation and grainsize

What are Minerals? Exploring some common proprieties of minerals

What are Rocks? Discovering the clues rocks give us to the environments in which they formed, and how this tells us about Earth’s geological past

Are Minecraft Minerals Real? A simple exploration of the real-world comparable rocks and minerals referred to as Minecraft ores


A range of specimens including real gold, emerald and ruby. Please note that the emerald and ruby are real but not gem-quality. The kit arrives in a tote with the specimens organized into sets, which are protected by foam. The specimens are easy to reorganize at time of return. A teacher’s guide giving background information and a description of the individual activities is also provided. Each set has activity sheets to guide the students through the exploration of the specimens. For COVID-19 safety, the activities can be conducted without the students having to handle the specimens.

Specimens include:

  •  Gravel, sand, and glacial silt for exploring sediment and grain size
  •  Range of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks (e.g. conglomerate, sandstone, granite, pumice, obsidian, volcanic bomb, marble, mica)
  • Minerals demonstrating a range of properties and aesthetics including pyrite, quartz, black tourmaline, talc, bornite, pyrite, galena, lapis lazuli, polished banded malachite, emerald, ruby and gold
  • Fossils including trilobite and ammonite

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"I just loved the kit, it was very easy to use & lead the activity using the guide provided."  Kelden - Immaculate Conception School


Rental Cost- The rental cost is $150 for a 10-day rental period and $50 for each additional and consecutive 10 calendar day period. They will be shipped, or are able to be collected from the Museum on a Monday, and must be back at the Museum by 4pm on the following Thursday. Shipping to some areas is sponsored by Sea to Sky Courier. Outside of their delivery areas, shipping must be paid for by the renter. The Box can also be collected/returned during Museum hours on any week day during the rental period. 


Deposit and Payment – A $200 refundable deposit per box is required upon booking. This can be paid by cheque (payable to Britannia Mine Museum) or credit card. The deposit will be held and refunded on return of the box to the museum.