Mining: The Bigger Picture


The Bigger Picture engages students in what they expect of mining companies with a consideration of the changing realities of mining today and the roles we all play in it. 

Your visit begins with a recognition of the long history of mining and how it has shaped society. With Copper Quest, in our historic tunnel, your students will discover the changing and unchanging realities of working underground in our unending quest for copper. Stepping into the bigger picture, your students will be introduced to the scope of mining performed over the past century with a focus on what drives mining and the potential impacts it presents. Lastly, your students will assume control of a mining operation in Stakeholders to take a different perspective on some of the challenges mining faces, assess what they consider ethical practices, and what roles we all play in mining.


Copper Quest
Your class will travel in our historic tunnel to discover working conditions of Britannia's tunneling crews with a look at how things have and have not changed compared to today.

In this game, your students will have to make decisions for mining companies based on real world scenarios. The results of their decisions will reveal the lessons learned. Will their companies be successful? What does it mean to be successful? These questions and more will lead your class to defining what responsible mining should be.

A Tale of Two Mines
Your class will look at two mines -- one underground, one open pit -- to discover some of the challenges and impacts large-scale mining presents, with an examination of why mines are so large and if there is a limit to how big a mine can be

Lunch space will be provided for your students to eat their bag lunches.

Program Details

Grade Levels: 4/5 - 12

Program Duration: 2.75 hours

Rate: $12 / $14 / $16*
*Depended on season  

Arrival Times: 9:45 or 10: 15


Before, During & After

Before Your Visit
Check & note all content of your Booking Confirmation. Give a copy to your School Office / Secretary for 'how to pay'. Prepare your students: consult our pre-trip Educator Resources & watch our movie Groundbreaking. Make sure students know to wear sturdy footwear & a warm jacket.

On Arrival
Check in & pay at our Ticket Desk. Your group may wise to use our washrooms. Our train seats 36: if your group is over 36, split them into equally-sized subgroups with a maximum of 36 in each. Meet our interpreters. 

During Your Visit
Accompanying adults must chaperone - we ask that students are courteous & respectful of their classmates, our interpreters & other Museum guests. We encourage students to be enthusiastic, ask questions and participate in shaping their experience with us.

After Your Visit
Please complete our short survey to help us make sure our programs meet your needs & help shape our future educational programming. Build on your visit with our post-trip Educator Resources.