Pieces from the Collection

The care for a collection of artefacts is an important part of a museum’s mission. It is the responsibility of the museum to look after the objects in perpetuity – basically forever.

Like many other museums, the Britannia Mine Museum has a collection of artefacts that help tell the story and explore the history of mining. The museum has around 7000 different mining artefacts, 9500 photographs and 3000 archival documents that provide a look at the mine and the working and social life of its workers. 

Some artefacts may seem familiar and help you recall a memory from your past, or even remind you of something that’s currently in your home. Other artefacts may seem completely foreign and outdated, showing how much science, technology and society have changed over the centuries, decades or even years.

We’re inviting you to take a look at a few pieces from our collections that aren’t currently on display. See if you can make any connections and feel free to share any stories or reactions related to these objects on our Facebook page.

Images of Collections Coming Soon