Rock and Mineral Inquiry Box: Further Details

  • The kit arrives in a tote with the specimens organized into sets, which are protected by foam. The specimens are easy to reorganize at time of return. A teacher’s guide giving background information and a description of the individual activities is also provided. Each set has laminated activity sheets to guide the students through the exploration of the specimens. The activities can be conducted without the students having to handle the specimens. Materials will also be emailed in advance. Each set provides suggested avenues for further inquiry for your students via online research.

  • COVID Safety - The kit will be quarantined for at least 48 hours prior to being shipped out. You may choose to quarantine for a further period of time on receiving it. The specimens and activities do allow for students to study the specimens without having to touch them if that is the decision of the teacher. A pair of disposable gloves will be included with the kit, should you want to use them for removing or handling materials.
  • Rental Details - Rental period is for 10 days. They will be shipped, or able to be collected from the Museum on a Monday, and must be back at the Museum by 4pm on the following Thursday. Shipping to some areas is sponsored by Sea to Sky Courier. Outside of their delivery areas, shipping must be paid for. The Box can also be collected/returned during Museum hours on any week day during the rental period. Payment will be online and a deposit made at time of booking.
  • Cancellations - If you decide to cancel or make changes to your reservation, please call or email us immediately. Cancellations or changes should be made at least one week (7 days) before the scheduled rental period or pick-up date; changes are subject to availability. Cancellations or date changes made less than one week before your rental dates will forfeit the $35 deposit.