Bruce Ramsey: Britannia - The Story of a Mine

Britannia Mine Museum


Since the presence of copper in the mountains behind Britannia Beach was discovered in 1898 it is estimated that about 60,000 men have been employed there. Some have worked for a grubstake, some have found Britannia a place for summer employment, some have worked off and on as they drifted from mine to mine and some came with their families and stayed until retirement. Many stories could be told of life in what for so long, were the isolated camps that comprised Britannia Mines. This book was first written by the well known historian, Bruce Ramsey, attempts, for the first time within our knowledge to collect and preserve the historical data and some of the anecdotal material. It will be a source of accurate information for the curious and interested and a stimulus to the recollection of happy memories for the legion of Britannia-ites.

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