The Underground Tour

The Underground is an extraordinary opportunity to see what life was like at one of the largest copper mines in its day. As an important part of British Columbia's history, Britannia Mine Museum is proud to offer our guests access to this Canadian Signature Experience.  

Just like miners back in 1914, you'll board our mine train and rumble inside an early haulage tunnel. Inside, our engaging team of interpreters will demonstrate actual mining equipment, teach you about Britannia's quest for copper, and allow you to experience the mine's working conditions.

The underground tour is part of your admission. Please keep in mind the departure time of the underground tour is 30 minutes after your admission reservation and cannot be easily changed should you miss the departure time.

Don't miss out on an unforgettable adventure. Book your visit in advance by booking online.

The experience features two incidences of loud noise. Warnings will be given and young children will require an adult to cover their ears.

The underground is cool year round and good footwear is recommended.