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Museums make you smarter

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Museums teach us about the past

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Museums are a great way to spend time with family and friends

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Museums provide an effective way of learning

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Museums can raise awareness about environmental issues

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Museums Inspire

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Preserve the Past, Enrich the Future

Welcome to our Museum Donation Page, where passion meets preservation! Your support is the key to unlocking a word of knowledge, culture and history for generations to come. By contributing to our museum, you become a vital part of safeguarding and showcasing our heritage and fuels our mission to inspire, educate and preserve.

Every donation, no matter the size, plays a crucial role in ensuring that the stories of our past continue to shape the future.

Donor Funded Projects at Britannia

As well as supporting our operational revenues to maintain business continuity through these difficulties, the support of our donors has enabled the Museum to fund a number of important projects.


A rehabilitation project, designed to share the history and experience of working in the Mill--a National Historic Site--from its construction in 1920 to closure in 1974.

Learn more about BOOM!

The Britannia Project

A three-phase, $14.7 million revitalization project undertaken in 2010 which furthered the Museum's ability to educate about Canada's role as a leader in sustainable mining and resource development, environmental stewardship, and the history of Britannia Beach

The Britannia Project

Business continuity Plan 2020

A team from the Museum's Board of Directors has been reaching out to peers, colleagues and industry connections for donations. We have also successfully applied for Federal Museum Assistance and other government grants.

As a self-supporting, non-profit organization, the Britannia Mine Museum relies on revenues from donationsticket sales, gift shop purchases and memberships to maintain operations.

Donations allow the Museum to continue in our mandate of teaching guests about the site’s history, and the vital role played by minerals in contemporary culture. Please consider joining our generous community and offering a donation.

If you wish to make a donation by mail please send a cheque to: Britannia Mine Museum - 150 Copper Drive, Britannia Beach, BC, V8B 1J1.