Archival Collections

Although the mine is now closed, treasures keep turning up. We have around 7,000 different mining artefacts that provide a look at the mine and the life of its miners. Many of these artefacts surfaced with the help of the Britannia Beach Historical Society (now the Britannia Mine Museum Society). They founded our Museum in 1971. A further 9,500 photographs and 3,000 archival documents have been collected. All in all, it means that Britannia Mines has one of the most comprehensive sets of records of Canadian mining. The majority of these archives are held by the BC Archives and the UBC Special Collections.

We also have mineral specimens that represent ore from many of BC's present and former mines.

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Britannia's History

Learn about the History of Britannia and the people who lived here.

Britannia History

Britannia's Quick Facts

Key information about Britannia Mine.

Britannia's Quick Facts

Archival Documents

The Museum’s archives are an essential source of information on Britannia’s past. In this section we make available parts of the archives for your viewing.

Archival Documents

Other Videos

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Britannia's Environmental Journey

This page gives an introduction to the environmental issues Britannia faced like acid rock drainage and the clean up that followed.

Britannia's Environment

Groundbreaking Video

Learn about the history of the former Britannia Mine and its environmental cleanup operation in this light hearted and fascinating movie.

Groundbreaking Video

Archival Photos Gallery

Archival Photos