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An active relationship with our Corporate Members means a two-way exchange of information enabling us to stay at the forefront of current trends in the mining industry.

Partner with us to share a brighter future and make a lasting contribution that will help transform the Canadian public's understanding of modern mining.

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A number of organizations  have chosen to support us and foster a deeper understanding of modern mining.

We invite you to join and become an integral part of our mission.

Your partnership isn't just a contribution, it's a lasting investment in the advancement of mining education in Canada. By committing to becoming a member, you can play a pivotal role in transforming the public's perception of modern mining.

Let's collectively shape a future where mining is appreciated and understood by all. Join us in making a meaningful impact today!

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Corporate Membership Benefits

Access and Tours  

  • 15 free one-time admission passes to be handed out to preferred customers/employees/clients of the business’s choice. 
  • 1 complimentary Full Museum Experience tour for 15 people  
  • 1 complimentary behind the Scenes Tour for 15 people .

Meeting and Event Spaces 

  • Priority access and discounted rates for renting museum facilities for corporate meetings, seminars, or events. 

Branding Opportunities 

  • Recognition as a Corporate Member on the museum's website.
  • Logo placement on signage at the museum entrance. 

Educational Partnerships 

  • Access to educational programs and resources for corporate training and development. 
  • Collaboration opportunities for developing custom educational & social media content related to mining history and technology. 
  • Discounts for members, such as discounts at the Company Store gift shop and Chatterbox Cafe. 

Social Media and PR Exposure 

  • Social media shout-outs and mentions in our monthly Newsletter.
  • Feature articles on the museum's website highlighting the contributions of corporate members. 
  • Opportunity to sponsor Mineral Mondays and Sustainable Sundays.

Community Involvement 

  • Participation in the museum's community outreach and education programs such as Dig Day.
  • Opportunities for employees to volunteer at museum events. 

1-year Corporate Membership

1-year Corporate Membership: Company Listing on Website, Tickets, Mine and Mill Tour, and special rates.

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3-year Corporate Membership

3-year Corporate Membership: Company Listing on Website, Tickets, Mine and Mill Tour, and special rates.

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