More than a Historical Site

The Museum is more than a historical, industrial site. We are a fully-fledged attraction with amenities to ensure your comfort and safety throughout each visit. Be sure to enjoy the range of offerings in addition to your Museum experience. 

Site Map

Get Ready To Explore! Click below to view our site map; a detailed overview outlining location of exhibits, ammenities and routes to attractions.

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The Company Store

We offer one of the most beautiful and varied giftshops in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir of your visit or a unique gift idea, our wide selection of gift items will make sure you find a memory to take home with you. 

The Chatterbox Cafe

Relax and re-fuel at the Chatterbox Cafe! Fresh coffee, sandwiches and snacks await you in our historic cafe, next to the admissions and the Gift Shop. The cafe is also home to our collection of autographed photos, chronicling the history of films and TV shows filmed on our site including The Flash, Supernatural, The X Files, and 21 Jump Street. A fun addition to your Museum experience.

Accessibility at the Museum

While improvements have been made, some areas of the early 1900's industrial site are mobility-dependent. Information on the accessibility of certain areas of the Museum can be found below.

Underground Tour

There is no wheelchair access to the entrance of the Underground. Visitors will need to climb 48 stairs (3 sets of 16 with benches to rest after each set) to reach the tunnel entrance. There are no stairs at the tunnel exit – instead there is a downhill gravel slope. The ground is uneven in places inside the Underground tunnel.

There are instances of loud noises but warnings will be given. The underground is cool year round and good footwear is recommended.

Mill No. 3 and BOOM!

Access to Mill No. 3 and the BOOM! show is fully accessible to wheelchairs.

Please note there are loud noises and sparks as part of the show.

Machine Shop

Access to the Machine Shop is possible by way of pavement slabs, uneven gravel, and a few stairs. Inside, a ramp allows access to the Temporary Exhibit space.


The site utilizes a mixture of gravel, concrete, and wooden boardwalks. Heritage buildings have a raised threshold that can be difficult for wheelchairs to navigate.

Most exhibits, gold panning, the company store and washrooms are wheelchair accessible.


Parking at the Museum is free of charge! Whether you’re taking a tour or stopping for a sandwich and coffee at the Chatterbox Café, there are plenty of spots available to accommodate you. 

There are three parking spaces to the left of the entrance plaza for disability parking and a ramp to the Company Store and Admissions

Accessibility 2 Entertainment Program

Britannia Mine Museum is a participant in the Accessibility 2 Entertainment program. Please use the online booking code ACCESS2CARD at the bookings portal. This code is good for one caregiver. An ACCESS2 card will need to be shown at the admissions window on check-in.

For further information or to discuss accessibility options, please call 1-800-896-4044 or email

Financial Accessibility

A key value for the Museum is to remove social and academic barriers so that we can be accessible for all. Through action and involvement with like-minded local and provincial organizations, we have put into place initiatives that support community benefit. For information on our initiatives visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.