Howe Sound Legacies

Grades K to 12

Atl'ka7tsem Howe Sound Legacies Program

Exclusive from October 2023 to February 2024

The Howe Sounds Legacies Program will be available from October 1 2023 to February 16th, 2024. The program takes students on a journey that details the discovery of copper, the ways it was processed, and the consequences for the nearby Howe Sound ecosystem.

Students will get to see our temporary exhibit: Ore and Orcas: the Remediation of Howe Sound |Átl’ḵa7tsem, including a chance to see and touch a real killer whale skeleton courtesy of the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society.

This Program Package Includes:

• Copper Quest Underground Tour (60 mins)

• BOOM! in the Historic Mill No. 3 (30 mins)

• Legacies Lab and facilitated time with aquatic specimens in the Terra Lab (45 mins)

  • Flex time - we allow 15 minutes of flex time for restroom breaks and travel between stations.

Program Length

2 1/2 Hours in total

Area of Focus

• Environmental Remediation
• Food Chains
• Mineral Exploration
• Mineral Processin

What you will see and do

• Travel underground and experience the sights and sounds of the historic mine.

• Discover key innovations in exploration with live equipment demonstrations.

• Reflect on the consequences of Britannia’s successful mineral exploration.

• Watch BOOM! – a new immersive learning experience that brings the historic Mill to life.

• Explore how metal contamination from the mine impacted the Howe Sound food web, from plankton to killer whales.

• See preserved animal specimens, including a real killer whale skeleton as well as fish and marine invertebrates from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum collections.

• Learn how the environmental issues were addressed at Britannia and how a modern Water Treatment Plant now protects this ecosystem.

Big Ideas

This program covers many of the BC Curriculum's Big Ideas across all grades.