Build Your Program (Grades 4-8)

Building your program is easy. First, decide how long you'd like your program to be. A minimum 2 hour booking is required. Then, customize your visit by selecting your choice of sessions from the categories below. Learn more about each program by following the link provided. Your program should include:

  • 1 Underground Session
  • 1 Lab Session (Optional)
  • Unlimited Around the Site Sessions
  • Underground Session (Included)

    Copper Quest (60min)

    Copper has been used for over 10,000 years. Increasing demand since the 1900s led to the development of mines such as the one in Britannia. For Britannia Mine, the initial discovery was only the beginning.

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    Lab Sessions (Choose 1 - Optional)

    Mineral Detectives (30min)

    (Grades K-5)

    Get hands-on with rocks and minerals. Explore a selection of rocks and minerals from our learning collection to discover some of the fascinating characteristics of both, the stories rocks can tell us about the planet’s past, or even find your own favorite.

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    Indicators (30min)

    (Grades 4-8)

    Learn how different plants behave in different environments can help find valuable mineral deposits or successfully restore a damaged environment.

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    Legacies (30min)

    (Grades 5-12)

    Britannia went from a major mine to a major environmental issue. It then went on to become an example of how a mine site can be successfully remediated. Learn how Britannia mitigated the environmental issues.

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    Around the Site Sessions (Unlimited)

    Gold Quest (30min)

    (Grades K-12)

    Give your students a glimpse of some of the realities faced by these prospectors in this ever-popular activity. There is gold in our troughs, but can your students find it?

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    Lunch Break (30min)

    (Grades K-12)

    Add an additional 30 minutes to your program time. Alternatively you can choose to eat lunch on the bus, or at nearby Shannon Falls Provincial Park (5 minute drive north of us).

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    BOOM! (30 min)

    (Grades K-12)

    The Mill towers over Britannia Beach. For years it has sat silent, but no more. With BOOM! the Mill comes alive again, immersing your class in the sights and sounds behind the architectural marvel, Mill No. 3, with an immersive live-action experience. 

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    Customize your class field trip by filing in the information below. The Museum's booking coordinator will review your request and be in touch to finalize your visit.