Programming Details: 30 Minutes

Britannia went from a major mine to a major environmental issue. It then went on to become an example of how a mine site can be successfully remediated. This program introduces the Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) pollution issue faced at Britannia as well as how it was mitigated.

Area of Focus:

Environmental Remediation

What your students will see and do:

Learn about Acid Mine Drainage and how it was an environmental issue at BritanniaLearn how the environmental issues were addressed at BritanniaTest mine water to determine its pH and copper contentAdjust the pH of mine water, replicating one step in the Britannia water treatment process

Big Ideas:

Grade 5: Natural resources continue to shape the economy and identity of different regions of Canada.

Grade 5: Earth Materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources.

Grade 6: Economic self-interest can be a significant cause of conflict among peoples and governments.