Grades 5 -12


Programming Details: 30 Minutes

Always leave a place better than you found it. Here at Britannia, the EPCOR Britannia Mines Water Treatment Plant ensures that Britannia is no longer the great polluter it once was. Instead, Britannia is paving the way in environmental remediation. In Legacies students will examine the process of the water treatment plant. Students will leave with an understanding of the importance of having a clean-up plan in place before mining begins.

Area of Focus

Environmental Remediation

What your students will see and do?

As part of this program, your students will recreate the steps taking place at the EPCOR Britannia Mines Water Treatment Plant and test the effectiveness of this process.

This program is delivered in our TerraLab. It is approximately 75% hands on and 25% presentation.

Big Ideas

Grade 5

Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources.

Grade 6

Everyday materials are often mixtures. 

Grade 7

Elements consist of one type of atom, and compounds consist of atoms of different elements chemically combined.

Grade 9

The biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere areinterconnected, as matter cycle and energy flows through them.

Grade 10

The development of political institutions is influenced by economic, social, ideological, and geographic factors.

Earth Science 11

Earth materials are changed as they cycle through the geosphere and are used as resources, with economic and environmental implications.

Environmental Science 11

Humans can play a role in stewardship and restoration of ecosystems.

Environmental Science 12

Human actions affect the quality of water and its ability to sustain life.

Geology 12
Weathering and erosion processes continually reshape landscapes through the interaction.