Rethink: what you do matters

Rethink: What you do is what matters

“What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan.”  
― Jason Fried, Rework 

Rethink began as a bold idea – what if our little Museum could find a way to make the sources of the raw mined materials in consumer products clearly visible to end users? What if we could find a way to allow companies to show their customers their products are from ethically sourced natural resources? 

It was indeed bold and far beyond what we could reasonably accomplish in one step. 

So the question was what can we do? What actions are reasonable first steps to encouraging people to evaluate what is sustainable usage of our non-renewable resources? Beyond that, what is ethical usage? How is it possible for you and I to make choices that account for the true costs of our products and services when so much of the cost is hidden? 

It begins with a small step. It begins through trial. For the Museum, it begins right here. 
This month we will launch a new internal initiative to find ways that our staff members and the organization can make more ethical, sustainable choices.

Called the ‘Green Team’, we are going to take those first small steps that can lead to bigger ones, because we need to get started if we are to get to where we need to go. 

Future Rethink blog posts will share our efforts, successes, and failures on this journey to reduce our 'ecological footprint'.  

Photo Credit:  Oliver Dixon / Wikicommons 

The views expressed by the author(s) of Rethink are not necessarily reflective of the organization and are provided as ideas for consideration in context of a changing world view.