Communicable Disease Safety Plan

The Britannia Mine Museum is fully open to the public. All of our exhibits are running, including Copper Quest and our multi-sensory, live-action show BOOM!

For more information please view our Communicable Disease Safety Plan.

Communicable Disease Safety Plan

Policies at Britannia Mine Museum

To operate our unique, entertaining and memorable experiences for visitors, and to comply with the Mines Act (provincial law), there are policies in place which visitors should be aware of.

Please take note of the following policies.

Britannia Policies

Animals at Britannia

To ensure the safety of all animals, visitors, and our employees, we only allow accredited guide and service dogs - as defined by the BC Government- to fully explore on-site with their handler. Dogs must be leashed with a short, non-retractable leash. Therapy and emotional support animals are not permitted under these guidelines.

Upon arrival, BC residents must provide our Admissions team with their Guide Dog and Service Dog Certificate.

Please note that there are loud noises in the underground and BOOM! show. When possible, Britannia Mine Museum will provide specialty dog hearing protection.

Doggy Daycares

For all other furry friends there are lots of options for day care for your dog in Squamish. Give your dog a fun day out while you visit the Britannia Mine Museum!

Please do not leave your dog in a hot car!

Doggy Daycare