Rethink: Setting the Baseline

Rethink: Setting the Baseline

Rethink: Setting the Baseline

On Feb 12, we had our first green team meeting. While many potential short and medium term goals were identified, it became clear what was first needed was some baseline by which to measure our progress. To that end, we are investigating our green audit options. 

Our other first steps are: 

  • We are examining improvements to our recycling collection bins in our staff kitchens.
  • We are preparing to engage all staff members in personal ecological footprint calculations. Our goal is to make change from the individual to the organization, encouraging all of us to be aware of our impacts, and for all of us to participate in sharing how all of us can reduce our footprint.
  • Making our efforts public from the beginning rather than reporting on outcomes after the fact.
We also wish to recognize the successes achieved prior to forming the green team: 
  • 100% of our internally generated paper and cardboard waste is recycled.
  • We have switched our retail space to LED lighting
  • Switched one exhibit space to motion sensor activation
Here are the challenges and goals we have identified to begin with: 
  • Establishing measures of our waste and recycling volumes so we can track changes
  • Reducing the amount of recyclable materials that enter the landfill from our public spaces. 
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated in our public spaces
  • Achieving 100% recycling internally of all recyclable food containers
  • Continuing our conversion to LED lighting
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated by temporary exhibits
  • Evaluate the feasibility of composting on site

The views expressed by the author(s) of Rethink are not necessarily reflective of the organization and are provided as ideas for consideration in context of a changing world view. 

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