Sea to Sky Geotour

Sea to Sky Geotour

This post was first published in August 2013 but we decided to republish in order to mention our new program for the schools who are doing a Sea to Sky Geotour. Called Britannia's Volcanic Origins, the program complements the incredible geological sites available between Vancouver and Whistler. To book the program, click here

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If you've ever driven the Sea to Sky highway you will know it is one of the most beautiful drives around. Have you ever considered though how the beautiful mountain summits formed, or what geological hazards are managed through man's intervention?  

Natural Resources Canada have a simply excellent guide to the geology and landscapes from Vancouver to Whistler. Called the Sea to Sky Geotour, it makes for fascinating reading to anyone who either lives in the area or is passing through on vacation. You don't need a background in geology to understand it, only an interest in how the last 170 million years have shaped the land. It also contains the best diagram I've ever seen on how Canada's western mountains have been formed - cue picture of bulldozer and farmland. 

It is available online or in bookstores.