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Come experience our award-winning multi-sensory, live-action attraction -- now, one of Vancouver’s top things to do for locals and tourists alike. 

BOOM! introduces audiences to the story, sights and sounds behind the architectural marvel, Mill No. 3, with an immersive live-action experience -- fun for all ages! 

This experience offers multiple screens, over thirty speakers, and leading-edge special effects — bringing all 20-storeys back to life!

Reawakened with the magic of special effects, BOOM! reveals the captivating story behind the Mill as a beacon of economic community prosperity. Visitors discover first-hand the historic Mill's purpose, the giant machines that made it work, and the thunderous roar of a working Mill. 

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In April 2022 BOOM! received the prestigious TEA Thea Award! 

Receiving the prestigious TEA Thea Award for Museum on on a limited budget for BOOM! April 2022

Mill No. 3 is a gravity -fed mill that processed the ore. Blocks of ore went in at the top and descended through a series of crushers and grinders. The valuable minerals were then removed from the waste rock in a process called 'froth floatation'.

The Mill ran 24 hours a day - processing up to 7000 tonnes of ore each day. It was an architectural success when built in 1923 - engineers came from around the world to see it. It was designated one of Canada's National Historic sites in 1987.

Behind the scenes of BOOM!

Watch the behind the scenes making of BOOM!

The making of BOOM!


“The BOOM! experience is awesome! ...Sounds, smells and sights-- it’s all covered! Great learning experience.”

TripAdvisor review, 5 stars

A good visit for all ages! We hadn't been in years and were very impressed... well organized tour, the exhibits and the new BOOM!”

TripAdvisor review, 5 stars

“Amazing. Interactive, personal, beautiful exhibits...don't skip BOOM! It is the perfect stop between Vancouver & Whistler.”

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