Every rock has a story

30 minute program

Rocks can tell us about the history of our planet, both distant and more recent. Every mineral is fascinating in its own right. Some minerals are heavy while some are light. Some are shiny while some are dull. Some are soft while some are hard. The physical properties not only create an amazing array of different minerals, it helps us identify them, and their potential uses.

Have you ever seen a dinosaur footprint fossil?

How do such fossils from and what can they tell us?

Join us for Earthly Explorers’ as we uncover the story of our dinosaur footprint and how the stories of rocks reveal the geological timeline of our planet.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 5 Big Idea: Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources

Experiential Goal: To discover something personally fascinating about rocks and minerals.

Learning Objectives: Rocks hold clues to the history of our planet. In particular, sedimentary rocks hold clues about previous life on our planet

This program goes hands-on with an assortment of rocks and minerals, allowing your group to discover some of their amazing properties and stories while also introducing the concepts of a dynamic earth, geologic time, relative and absolute dating, and superposition (all in a manner accessible to young audiences).