Land of Thundering Snow

Exploring Avalanche history and safety in Canada

October 6th, 2023 - April 1st 2024

Land of Thundering Snow is a travelling exhibit that aims to teach visitors about avalanches. Propelled by gravity, snow avalanches are releases of snow that rush downhill in steep terrain, altering the landscape and ecosystem as they pass.

The unimaginable power of an avalanche carves new patterns into the landscape, and becomes fresh ground for species of plants and animals that thrive in slide paths.

The exhibit also emphasizes the impact that avalanches have had on human settlement, migration, travel, and transportation. From the mapping of railway and highways to the technological advances of avalanche mitigation, the story of avalanches encompasses the story of humans and landscape and ties them together for museum visitors in an engaging and interactive experience

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Avalanche of snow and debris hits Britannia camp

In addition to the travelling exhibit, learn about the tragic avalanche of snow and debris that hit the Jane Camp without warning in March 1915.

The avalanche occurred about 5.5km up the mountain above Britannia Beach. 56 men, women, and children lost their lives.

It was the second deadliest rockslide in Canadian history after the Frank Slide in Alberta.

"I am not scientist enough to determine the cause, but I guess it must have been caused by melting snow."

- Harry Baxter, Miner living at Jane Camp during the disaster.

Squamish Search and Rescue

Join Squamish Search and Rescue on February 10th and March 9th at Britannia Mine Museum to learn more about avalanche safety and how to stay safe this winter in the backcountry.