The Terra Lab


Natural Miners

The Terra Lab aims to share the science of mining exploration, development and remediation. Following the departure of our Fall 2021 temporary exhibit, the Lab has re-opened with new public displays that draw from the Museum’s collection and archives.

When the mine was active, this building was one of the company’s assay labs -- a space where scientists could test rock samples to determine their ingredients and concentration. This history is now reflected in the Terra Lab’s entry foyer, where you will find examples of authentic assay equipment and information about the kinds of experiments that were performed here.

Just as humankind is discovering new ways to meet our demand for mineral resources, we are also developing new technologies and techniques for preserving the environments in which those materials are found.

Britannia Mine’s successful search for valuable minerals allowed the company to thrive, but it also had a far-reaching impact on the surrounding environment. In the main portion of the lab, graphics, specimens and multimedia displays examine the chemical process known as acid rock drainage, and the ways modern remediation is restoring biodiversity to Britannia’s waters.

After visiting the Terra Lab we hope visitors will take away concrete examples of how science, technology and community collaboration are creating a more sustainable mining future. Check back often as these exhibits continue to grow and evolve!


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The Museum gratefully acknowledges the following financial supporters and educational partners in the development of the TerraLab:
Province of British Columbia
Government of Canada
The Jérôme H. Remick III Endowment Trust Fund, Canadian Geological Foundation
Teck Resources
EPCOR Utilities
Canadian Mineral Processors
Finning International
Underground Mining Society, Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum