Homeschool and Bubble Education Field Trips

Enhance your visit to Britannia Mine Museum by adding on the 30 minute Homeschool Session Earthly Explorers.

General admission gives you access to the guided underground tour, BOOM! show, gold panning and all the onsite exhibits. The cost to add on the Homeschool session Earthly Explorers’ to your general admission visit is $10 per person (Min of $50 payable if under 5 people).

Museum Rates

Included in this price are the following

  • A 30 minute additional session with one of our educators focusing on Grade 5 Science and teaching the curriculum Big Idea “Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources.”
  • Time to pick the brains of our interpreters on questions you may have about the topics you encounter on your visit.
  • A support package to use onsite and in the classroom.

Ready to book? Please contact or call 604.896.2233 ext. 226 to book your Homeschool field-trip.

Please note - The homeschool program is available only on Weekdays, in the afternoon after 1:30pm.

Earthly Explorers Program

Every rock has a story. Rocks can tell us about the history of our planet, both distant and more recent. This program goes hands-on with an assortment of rocks and minerals, allowing your group to discover some of their amazing properties.

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