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1. Decide how long you'd like your visit to the museum to be. (A minimum of 2 hours is required).

2. Choose your prefered days to visit.

3. Decide on your arrival time of 9:45am or 10:45am

4. Customize your visit by selecting your choice of sessions from the list below. (Learn more about each program by following the link provided).

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Howe Sound Legacies | Atl'ka7tsem

Exclusive from October 2023 to February 2024

The Howe Sounds Legacies Program will be available from October 1 2023 to February 16th, 2024. The program takes students on a journey that details the discovery of copper, the ways it was processed, and the consequences for the nearby Howe Sound ecosystem.

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Kindergarten to Grade 3 Programming

Copper Quest

Underground Tour (1 Hour)

Engage in the story of exploration experienced by over 70,00 Museum visitors annually. Copper Quest tells you the story of our long and ongoing search for the red
metal with a focus on why and how that occurred at Britannia, culminating in the question of ‘Where will tomorrow’s copper come from?’

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Lab Program

Mineral Detectives (30 Mins)

Get hands-on with rocks and minerals. Explore a selection of rocks and minerals from our learning collection to discover some of their fascinating characteristics.

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BOOM! (30 Mins)

An international award winning attraction! Discover a thrilling light, sound and special effects experience inside the historic Mill. BOOM! brings all 20-storeys back to life sharing the Mill's captivating story and its thunderous roar.

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Around the site

Gold Panning (30 Mins)

Give your students a glimpse of some of the realities faced by these prospectors in this ever-popular activity. There is gold in our troughs, but can your students find it?

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Around the Site

Lunch Space (30 Mins)

Book a 30 indoor space for lunch. Alternatively you can choose to eat lunch on the bus, or at nearby Shannon Falls Provincial Park (5 minute drive North).

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Around the Site

Time in the Gift Shop (30 Mins)

If you wish for your student to have time in the Compnay Store Gift Shop, please let us know as it needs to be scheduled ahead of time.